We offer comprehensive SCR support. Whether you are buying or managing catalyst, assessing or installing SCR, or actively operating an SCR, W.S. Hinton & Associates can help.

SCR Support Areas

Catalyst Selection
Catalyst Management
Catalyst Mercury Oxidation
Catalyst Testing
Deactivation Predictions
Performance Predictions
Catalyst Regeneration
New vs. Regenerated Catalyst Comparisons
Feasibility Studies
Economic Evaluations
Preparation of RFPs

Bid Evaluation
Reactor Design
Ammonia System Design
Monitoring System Design
Guarantee Testing
Optimization and Tuning
Operator/Engineer Training
Novel Catalyst Development
SCR-Compatible Air Preheater Design
Specialized SCR Short Courses

Our exceptional experience within the U.S. in the design, operation, testing, and maintenance of SCR reactors can aid you in the operation or purchase of an SCR system that optimizes NOx reduction with a minimum of balance-of-plant issues. We have ongoing working relationships with various catalyst manufacturers including, Cormetech, Misubhishi/Hitachi, CERAM, Umicore (Haldor Topsoe), and Johnson Matthey. Catalyst management, including specifying new catalyst purchases, evaluating bids, planning long term catalyst needs, and minimizing catalyst costs, are a particular area of expertise.

Our testing partners have capabilities which include the full range common to SCR testing as well as other specialized tests. Analyses such as ammonia distribution, ammonia slip, NOx reduction, etc. can be very difficult if the intricacies of the testing are not recognized. Our experience prevents these mistakes, allowing for accurate results the first time. We design and perform acceptance and performance tests to ensure maximum NOx reduction at a minimum cost. Testing support includes laboratory testing to determine deNOx activity, SO2 conversion, and mercury oxidation. Reactor inspections, as well as catalyst sampling support can also be provided.

For further reading on SCR, please visit the SCR Process and SCR Catalysts pages.

Examples of Specific SCR-Related Projects

Long-Term Comparative Performance of New and Regenerated SCR Catalysts

The long-term performance of new and regenerated catalysts was investigated in a multi-year project which utilized data from full-scale SCRs. 

Protocols for Laboratory Testing of SCR Catalysts

Protocols were developed for EPRI for the testing of SCR catalysts in laboratory test reactors for deNOx and SO2 conversion, and mercury oxidation.

Catalyst Management for Mercury Control

This project developed catalyst management strategies to help improve mercury oxidation for coal-fired facilities equipped with SCRs.