Research & Development

W.S. Hinton and Associates is principally a research firm with more than 30 years of experience in managing all aspects of research and development projects. We can assist with virtually all of your research-related needs. Capabilities include overall project management, facility design, test planning, testing oversight, data analysis, and reporting. We have managed projects ranging from very small proprietary efforts, to large federally-funded projects over $20 million. We have the flexibility and expertise to efficiently handle your project, whether small or large.

Examples of Past Projects

  • SCR catalyst development
  • Investigation of catalyst performance for deNOx and SO2 conversion
  • Investigation of catalyst performance for mercury oxidation
  • Development and evaluation of ammonia on fly ash removal processes
  • SCR catalyst recycle and disposal options
  • Regenerated SCR catalyst performance
  • Wet scrubber mercury capture optimization

  • Investigation of halogen injection for mercury oxidation
  • Catalyst test facility development
  • Catalyst testing protocol development
  • Evaluation of novel mercury control concepts
  • Development of flue gas monitoring equipment
  • Development and evaluation of speciated mercury testing methods