About Us

W. S. Hinton & Associates is led by Dr. W. Scott Hinton, who holds Ph.D. and B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Florida, with more than 30 years of experience in air pollution control processes, especially Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, as well as other process technologies.

Dr. Hinton’s academic background focused on heterogeneous catalysis. He has applied that background to his career – examining advanced environmental control processes, flue-gas chemistry, flue-gas monitoring, and adsorptive processes.

He has considerable experience in research project management. As a former employee of the Southern Company, Inc., he managed their DOE Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Project, examining the application of SCR to coal-fired boilers. This provided Dr. Hinton extensive experience related to flue gas monitoring, testing, and the application of SCR technology to flue gases in general.

Subsequent work in numerous research areas has included mercury control options for coal-fired boilers, effects of chlorine and bromine on mercury oxidation and capture, scrubber performance including mercury control, SCR system design, maintenance, and optimization, SCR catalyst regeneration, cleaning, and disposal, ammonia adsorption on fly ash, gas-phase ammonia and sulfur trioxide reactions, advanced catalysts for NOx control, development of new gas monitoring techniques, desorption mechanisms of ammonia-contaminated fly ash and amelioration methods, and other projects related to environmental aspects of fossil-fuel energy.

Our clients include utilities, research consortiums, public and private companies, and government entities. Major clients include the Electric Power Research Institute, Southern Company, Inc., Southern Research, Innovative Combustion Technologies, Inc. and various utilities.