The utility and other process industries have made a huge investment in scrubbers, primarily wet scrubbers of various designs. Along with the principal purpose of removing SO2, scrubbers are also capable of removing oxidized mercury and other toxic metals, often at high efficiencies. Integral to the implementation of scrubbers, is the guarantee testing and validation of the scrubber performance. We have experience in scrubber guarantee testing, especially as related to test planning and coordination, data evaluation, and reporting. These services are often invaluable in assuring that guarantee testing is performed correctly the first time, and without disputes over testing methodology or results.

In terms of mercury capture performance, testing can be quite difficult, especially since most guarantees are based on the capture of oxidized mercury only. This requires accurate speciated mercury testing at both the scrubber inlet and outlet, where stratification can cause additional difficulties. Careful test planning and selection of mercury test methods is critical to the accurate determination of scrubber mercury capture, as well as to the accurate system planning for overall mercury control requirements.