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W. S. Hinton & Associates

Research and Consulting Engineers

W. S. Hinton & Associates is an engineering research and consulting firm specializing in environmental controls for the energy sector and chemical process industries. A wide variety of technologies are supported, especially those related to catalytic and adsorptive processes. As industry transitions away from conventional fossil fuels as an energy source, we are well poised to support the underlying technologies and environmental control aspects of renewable and low-carbon energy sources.

We maintain close working relationships with many other research and testing firms, as well as research consortiums. This allows us to assemble a project team that has the most qualified expertise to address your needs. If W. S. Hinton & Associates is not the best possible provider for your project needs, we will help you find a better-qualified team.

Each of our clients has specialized needs. We are committed to meeting those needs with practical, common sense approaches while minimizing costs and providing quality services. Contact us today and let us help you!

Areas of Expertise

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

SCR technology has been the backbone of our services for nearly 30 years. We can offer full support including catalyst management, catalyst selection, laboratory testing, reactor optimization, mercury control, and troubleshooting.

Low-Carbon Energy Development

The energy industry is experiencing an unprecedented shift toward more environmentally friendly power production, with an emphasis on lowering carbon emissions. Clean hydrogen, bioenergy, and renewables may all play a role as we move forward into this new era. These new technologies will require the development of a suite of primary technologies, as well as supporting environmental controls for which we are well poised to support.

Pilot Plants

We have experience that includes fundamental work with small bench-sized laboratory set-ups, all the way to facilities that approach full-scale size. We can assist in all aspects of pilot plant testing, including facility design, test planning, data acquisition and analysis, and reporting.

Mercury Control

Mercury control can be frustrating for coal-fired facilities due to the many factors that affect mercury emissions. We can evaluate all of the pieces of the puzzle necessary to implement and maintain a successful mercury control approach, including catalyst management where SCR co-benefits are used.


We have experience in scrubber performance, including guarantee testing, especially as related to test planning and coordination, data evaluation, and reporting.

Catalyst Development

Catalysts and catalytic processes have been a primary focus of the company since its inception. We can support catalyst development from fundamental scoping studies all the way through full-scale demonstrations.

Research and Development

Much of our work relates to R&D projects. We are well equipped to offer comprehensive R&D support, including facility design, experimental design, data analysis and reporting. We can fully manage a project or simply add support where needed.

Fly Ash

A number of projects have been conducted examining the behavior of fly ash from both a chemical and physical standpoint. Fly ash toxicity, as well as the use and sale of ammonia-contaminated fly ash, has been a focus.

Expert Witness Services

We offer expert witness services and consulting in our areas of expertise. Litigation can be a frustrating, but sometimes unavoidable part of doing business. We have worked on a number of disputes and know first-hand that the right expert is critical to any case. If we aren’t right for the job, we’ll tell you, and help you find someone who is.