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testing equipment

W. S. Hinton & Associates is an engineering research and consulting firm specializing in environmental controls for commercial coal-fired boilers, as well as controls for other combustion processes and fuels. A wide variety of environmental controls are supported, especially those related to catalytic and adsorptive processes, and in particular SCR and mercury control.

Each of our clients has specialized needs. We are committed to meeting these needs with practical, common sense approaches while minimizing costs and providing quality services. We understand that to meet this commitment we must have the right technical expertise.

We maintain close working relationships with many other research and testing firms, as well as research consortiums — allowing us to assemble a project team that has the most qualified expertise to address your needs. If W. S. Hinton & Associates is not the best possible provider for your project needs, we will help you in finding a better-qualified team.

Areas of Expertise

Mercury Control
Sorbent Technologies
Catalyst Design and Performance
Catalyst Regeneration/Rejuvenation
Fly Ash Ammonia Mitigation
Scrubber Mercury Capture

Mercury Testing, Data Analysis, CEMS
Research Project Management
Technical Reporting
Novel Control Concepts
Expert Witness Support