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1 Enhanced Mercury Control by Managing SCR Systems for Mercury and NOx

This paper, presented at the 2012 MEGA Conference, discusses various options for managing catalysts to improve and maintain mercury oxidation, simultaneously with deNOx.

2 Mercury Overview

This presentation, given at the 2013 Reinhold APC/PCUG conference, offers an overview of mercury behavior in coal-fired power plants, discussing mercury behavior across all major power plant devices, with a special focus on fuel and SCR effects.

3 The Importance of an Integrated and Independent Approach to Catalyst Management

This white paper discusses various aspects of catalyst management, especially the need for an integrated and independent approach. The effects of various parameters on catalyst performance are discussed in detail.

4 Laboratory Testing in Support of SCR Catalyst Management

This presentation, given at the 2012 Reinhold Environmental NOx-Combustion/PCUG Conference,e discusses laboratory testing of SCR catalysts, with a special focus on how that testing supports catalyst management activities.

5 Integrated Approach for Meeting Mercury Regulations

This presentation, given at the 2011 Reinhold Environmental APC/PCUG Conference, discusses the need for an integrated approach to meeting mercury regulations, and focuses on the interactions between various power plant devices that affect mercury oxidation and capture.

6 Enhanced Mercury Control Through Catalyst Management

This presentation, given as part of the McIlvaine Hot Topic Hour on Catalyst Selection for NOx and Other Gases, November 29th, 2012 discusses various catalyst management approaches for enhancing mercury oxidation and capture.

7 SO3 and Mercury in Scrubbers

This presentation, given at the Reinhold Environmental WPCA/Ameren Particulate Seminar, 2006 discusses discusses the behavior of SO3 and mercury across both set and dry Scrubbers.

8 Effects of Halogens and Flue Gas Conditions on SCR Catalyst
Mercury Oxidation and ESP Mercury Capture

This presentation, given at the 13th Annual EUEC Energy & Environment Conference, 2010 , discusses the effects of chlorine, bromine, and flue gas conditions on SCR catalyst mercury oxidation and ESP capture.

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