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Research & Development

W.S. Hinton and Associates is principally a research firm with more than 20 years of experience in managing all aspects of research and development projects. We can assist with virtually all of your research-related needs. Capabilities include overall project management, test planning, testing oversight, data analysis, and reporting. We have managed projects ranging from very small proprietary efforts, to large projects over $20 million. We have the flexibility and expertise to efficiently handle your project, whether small or large.

Past Project Highlights

SCR catalyst development

Investigation of catalyst performance for deNOx and SO2 conversion

Investigation of catalyst performance for mercury oxidation

Development and evaluation of ammonia on fly ash removal processes

SCR catalyst recycle and disposal options

Regenerated SCR catalyst performance

Wet scrubber mercury capture optimization

Investigation of halogen injection for mercury oxidation

Catalyst test facility development

Catalyst testing protocol development

Evaluation of novel mercury control concepts

Development of flue gas monitoring equipment

Development and evaluation of speciated mercury testing methods